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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

All the work our Designers do for our clients is protected by airtight NDAs and stringent IP protection policies. However, we also do not believe in asking anybody to trust us without showcasing our skills. In that case, we insist you to assess each and every Designer that you want to interview, the way you want. And for that, you can choose from unlimited triply pre-vetted CVs absolutely free of cost. 

We only hire Designers with a considerable amount of work experience. In that time, they should have worked with at least one Fortune 500 Company. Along with that, we ensure to hire Designers who have qualified from only the Top 10 Design Schools of India. Hence, our Designers are proficient in a wide array of technical expertise. 

Being from the Top 10 Design Schools of India along with a Fortune 500 work experience, our Designers are adept in numerous Design tools and software that are in vogue. From Figma, to Canva, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, you name it, and our Designers would probably know to work it. 

Our Designers will work exclusively for you as your full-time in-house employee, although remotely. You do not have to worry about any employee liabilities like providing them with office spaces, which we would do for you, thus ensuring office-supervision on your behalf. Other than that, you can monitor and manage their work according to your company policies. 

There are absolutely zero additional costs or fees required to hire a remote Designer from Remote Resource. You can choose from unlimited triply pre-vetted CVs to shortlist and interview Top 10% Indian Designers that you think would be the perfect fit for your job. Along with that, we ensure you a 100% hassle-free onboarding, too. 

Although working remotely for you, our Designers would be available to work for you in your preferred time-zone. The work hours would be exactly what is decided on during the contract creation. So, for example, if it is agreed upon that you would hire our Designer for 8 hrs/day and 5 days/week, then they would be available exclusively to you during that time.


We ensure quality by hiring the very best, and we hand complete control of supervision to you. However, we have seasoned technical leads who monitor their resources within our company. In case you are not in a place to ensure quality control by yourself, you can always request us to hire a technical lead to do the work for you. 

Our Designers have sufficient work experience that requires collaborating with multiple stakeholders and across diverse media and platform. Communication is not an issue when dealing with ex-Fortune 500 Talent coming from Top Design Institutes of India. We ensure triple vetting of CVs along with enforcing communication assessments before hiring anyone so you can get exclusive access to only the best. 

Usually, issues do not arise when Designers come from excellent educational or professional backgrounds, like the ones we hire. However, diverging points of view over professional decisions can arise and we leave it totally up to you to decide to deal with it the way you want, with zero interference. We only step in if you escalate a situation to our HR team, who will then resolve the issue within 24-48 hours. 

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