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How Our Digital Marketers Maximize Conversion

Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

How Our Digital Marketers Maximize Conversion

Digital Marketing

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You Get

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Excellent value for money

Hire top-tier digital marketers with Fortune 500 Work Experience at a fraction of the local hiring cost. Get Exclusive access to the Top 10% of remote digital marketers from India


Risk-free trial period

Try out our services at no cost for a 2-week trial period. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel without any charges.


Wide range of expertise

Risk-free trial period: Try out our services at no cost for a 2-week trial period. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel without any charges.


Expertise in Tools

Digital Marketers
Digital marketing research

Extensive Vetting Process

Our digital marketers undergo a thorough vetting process that includes 5+ hours of tests and interviews to ensure they have the skills and expertise needed to succeed. We use automated assessments to test for a wide range of digital marketing skills, including SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, PPC advertising, and more.


Communication Tests

We rigorously test the communication skills of all our candidates to ensure that there is no miscommunication and they are able to perform their tasks without the need for micromanagement. This ensures that our clients work with top-quality digital marketers who are able to deliver results and exceed expectations.

Hire Only The Top 10% Digital
marketing Experts From India

Whether you are looking for a expert SEO professional, PPC ads experts or a social media specialist, if they are not good, then there is really no point. In a market full of pretenders, it can be almost impossible to vet you offshore virtual resource. Hence, we came up with an idea. At Remote Resource, we ex-employees of Fortune 500 and Top Indian firms to ensure that we hire only the top 10% of Indian talent in any domain.

With that we also ensure:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

All the work our Digital Marketers do for our clients is protected by airtight NDAs and stringent IP protection policies. However, we also do not believe in asking anybody to trust us without showcasing our skills. In that case, we insist you to assess each and every Digital Marketer that you want to interview, the way you want. And for that, you can choose from unlimited triply pre-vetted CVs absolutely free of cost.

Being a top remote staffing company, we provide you with the top Indian Digital Marketers with zero employee liabilities and full control over supervision and management. Our Digital Marketers, once hired by you, would work as full-time in-house employees for your company so you can ensure clear and effective communication with remote team members according to the company policies that you have. 

Although working remotely for you, our Digital Marketers would be available to work for you in your preferred time-zone. The work hours would be exactly what is decided on during the contract creation. They would work as full-time in-house employees of your company and your company policies to ensure timely completion of tasks would apply on them, giving you full control of management and supervision over them. 

We only hire Digital Marketers with a considerable amount of work experience. In that time, they should have worked with at least one Fortune 500 Company. Along with that, we ensure to hire Digital Marketers who have qualified from only the Top 10 Business Schools of India. Hence, our Digital Marketers are competent in a wide array of technical expertise indispensable for your job. 

It is our sincerest moto to not interfere with our clients’ way of working. Once any of our Digital Marketers are hired by you, only you have exclusive access and control over their work. So, only you would be in a position to evaluate them based on their performance. And as far as monitoring goes, we ensure that even though you would hire them remotely, we would supervise them in an office-setting. 

Our number one priority is the maintenance and upkeep of the data security and confidentiality of our clients. We have an airtight Non-Disclosure Agreement and stringent Intellectual Property protection policies and procedures in place to ensure the same. It is a mandatory requirement for all our Digital Marketers to abide by these terms.

Your Digital Marketer, that we would provide, would be available for you within 48 hours after finishing up the paperwork. Along with that, we ensure a 100% hassle-free onboarding. We also guarantee absorbing all employee liabilities like HR, Medical, etc. while transferring full control over their management and supervision to you. 

Usually, issues do not arise when Digital Marketers come from excellent educational or professional backgrounds, like the ones we hire. However, diverging points of view over professional decisions can arise and we leave it totally up to you to decide to deal with it the way you want, with zero interference. We only step in if you escalate a situation to our HR team, who will then resolve the issue within 24-48 hours.

We do not have a fixed pricing structure. Wonder why? Because we ensure to make available for you the top 10% Digital Marketers from India at half the prices of locally available average ones. Being a remote staffing company, the service we provide is the Digital Marketers themselves. So, you are at a position to choose to work with one that you want and at a pricing structure you want. 

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