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At Remote Resource
We Understand

At Remote Resource We Understand

Hiring a good mobile app developer can be tricky, and prohibitively expensive. Since there are so few , with in-depth understanding of app design and UI/UX, there is no guarantee that even an extensive search will yield the right one.

Which Is Why We Only Work
With The Top 10%

Which Is Why We Only Work With The Top 10%

We do not hire anyone who has not worked as a mobile app developer for a Fortune 500 or one of the top Indian companies

We do not hire anyone who has not graduated from a Top 10 Indian University in their respective domains

We do not hire anyone who does not pass a thorough vetting process about their employment history and educational qualifications

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From The Apple To The Pie, We Have You Covered

From The Apple To The Pie, We Have You Covered

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

All Our Remote Engineers have over 5 years of experience working in Fortune 500 companies or Top Indian businesses. Once you reach out to us regarding the specific field you are interested in hiring, we will get back to you with a list of triple vetted candidates all of whom are certified experts in that particular domain.

At Remote Resource we have completely simplified the hiring process. You just select your remote Engineer and finish up the paperwork. All the other onboarding hassles are managed completely by us, so that you can focus on your business instead.

Every single engineer we hire has over 5 years of experience working in Fortune 500 companies or Top Indian businesses. Our stringent technical assessment makes sure they are adept at using almost any tools and equipment require to excel in their particular domain. Moreover, the resume of each candidates contains detailed information of each tool and technology they are an expert in.

We follow a very comprehensive recruitment policy, with extremely robust background checks and referrals. Moreover, to work with us, an Engineer must have significant previous experience working for at least one Fortune 500 company. We do make exceptions, but only for exceptional young talent. We also have a third party triple vet all the candidates and verify their information. Stringent in-house communication and technical assessments ensure that only the crème-de-la-crème pass through the sieve.

The remote Engineer you hire acts just as a dedicated employee of your company would. You are free to manage them and supervise their work as you see fit. However, if you would prefer that we assign a senior engineer to monitor his work, that is something that we can definitely arrange.

Any Remote Engineer you hire from us has been triple vetted by a third party and have had to go through a thorough background check. So, we assure you that you will have no problem regarding the client’s behaviour, professionalism or work ethic. However, if for some reason you would still like to change your engineer, you can do so by contacting us.

Any Engineer you hire from us will act as your own dedicated employee. You can install whatever monitoring software you want on their device and keep up to date on their activities. However, if that seems too bothersome for you, your resource can just report to you at the end of the day to tell you what tasks they have completed, and you can assess their progress accordingly.

At Remote Resource we guarantee savings of up to 50% compared to your local hiring cost. You have the option to hire them for 80 Hrs a week for a part-time position, or 160 Hrs a week for a full-time position. Our pay-as-you-go model ensures that there are no additional hidden costs, you only pay on the agreed upon amount at the beginning of the month, all the way until you want to terminate the service.

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