Don’t Outsource Software Development

Rather “in-source”
a Top Software Developer

Hire Remote Software Developers –

90% of Remote Software Developers are Subpar

So, We Only Work with The Top 10%

No More
Project Delays

Hiring anyone but a top 10% Indian software developer is a risk for us and for our clients. India produces software developers like Brazil produces footballers.

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No More
Communication Issues

The overwhelming majority of software developers come with poor to non-existent English language expertise. That creates a nightmarish situation

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No More Complicated
Term Contracts

We hire only the top 10% of Indian talent. So, once we have done that, we are supremely confident that once you have hired a software developer

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We Offer Software Development Experts in Over 100+ Domains

The Remote Resource Service Guarantee

When you hire a top 10% software developer, you must have these minimum expectations.

Our top-of-the-line remote software developers
are bona fide experts in their respective
domains and will ensure bug free, smooth, and seamless products for the end user.
Glitch Free Development
In a rapidly evolving digital world, our Developers keep themselves updated with the all the latest technologies and practices to better adapt to any client’s needs. ​ Optimum Productivity
All candidates MUST clear our inhouse communications test. Hence, any candidate you select will be perfectly capable of communicating and working with a team and will keep you updated about the project’s progress. Effective Communication
Your remote software developer will work just like an in-house Software Developer. They will report to you directly, keep you abreast of their progress daily and work in your preferred time-zone/shift, guaranteeing you complete control over your project. ​ ​ Complete Control Over Your Project ​

The Remote Resource Service Guarantee

Analyzing the Requirement
Regardless of whether you have a design in mind or want to start completely from scratch, we analyze the needs and goals of your business to provide you the best strategy.
Wireframe and Design
We Provide you with a plethora of design samples and help you pick one that best suits your vision. 
Development and Testing
Using the best UI and UX practices, our experts develop a page that can captivate a wide range of audience, is easy to navigate and comes up on the first pages of Google
Go Live!
And Viola! Your business has now has a permanent place on the Internet. 

Remote Resource Is
The Better Option

Guaranteed Savings
Up To 70%

100% Hassle Free
Onboarding within
48 Hours

Hire From Only Top 10%
Indian Content and

Air-tight Data Security
with strict NDA &
IP Protection

Zero Employee
Liabilities at your end


Retain 100% Control
over your project

Tell Us Your Requirements

5 Easy Steps To Successfully Hire Your Remote Resource

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

All Our Remote Software Developers have over 5 years of experience working in Fortune 500 companies or Top Indian businesses. As a result, they have completed several important projects, all of which will be present in their resumes that we give to you.

Since nearly every major Fortune 500 company has an office in India, our developers have access to working with people from different cultural and socio-economic background. Any developer you choose to hire will thus have no problems adapting to your Company’s Culture and bringing your vision to life.

When you hire a remote developer from Remote Resource it is like hiring a dedicated employee for your own company, just without all the unnecessary hassles. You can communicate with your developer using the same communication tools that your business uses, and you have complete control over your project. However, if you would like to hire a supervisor to manage your resource’s progress, we can arrange that for you as well.

One of the best things about hiring from Remote Resource is that we do not make our clients work according to our time-zone. Instead, all meetings, interviews, and assessments are scheduled based on your preferred time-zone. Any developer you hire from us will work as your own dedicated employee on your business’ time-zone.

Any remote developer you hire from us has been triple vetted by a third party and have had to go through a thorough background check. So, we assure you that you will have no problem regarding the client’s behaviour, professionalism or work ethic. However, if for some reason you would still like to change your remote developer, you can do so by contacting us.

At Remote Resource we guarantee our clients ZERO Employee Liabilities, and we follow through on those promises. In the rare scenario that there any legal disputes with your remote developer, we will handle it by absorbing it all on our end.

We are an ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Every employee works only on company laptops/systems that have inbuilt redundancies that prevent any kind of data transfer outside the system. Further there are provisions to work on remote desktops that can be either on your server or ours. The strict NDAs we have in place also ensure that any project your developer does for you, stays just between you and them.

We pride ourselves on only working with the best. And the best Remote Developers in India do not stay in a company where they think their skills are not being fully utilized and they lack the opportunities to grow. Every candidate that we hire chooses to stay with us because we value the skills and expertise they bring to the table and provide them with enough challenges to hone themselves further.

We follow a very comprehensive recruitment policy, with extremely robust background checks and referrals. Moreover, to work with us, a developer must have significant previous experience working for at least one Fortune 500 company. We do make exceptions, but only for exceptional young talent. We also have a third party triple vet all the candidates and verify their information. Stringent in-house communication and technical assessments ensure that only the crème-de-la-crème pass through the sieve.

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